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Seminar Topic: Global Energy Policy and Sustainable Development

讲座人:Prof. Simon Taylor,剑桥大学贾奇商学院

Invited Speaker: Prof. Simon Taylor, University of Cambridge, Judge Business School


Seminar Time: 2019.Mar.20, 14.00


Seminar Room: NWPU Changan Campus, SHEL (School of Humanities, Economics and Laws) Room208


剑桥大学贾奇商学院教授Simon Taylor受西北工业大学人文与经法学院经济系张珊珊助理教授的邀请,将于2019年3月20日下午两点在西北工业大学长安校区人文与经法学院208室为全校师生带来一场有关国际能源政策以及可持续发展主题的学术讲座。本次讲座的主要内容将围绕当下国际能源与可持续发展的热点焦点问题展开,从国际能源政策的角度探寻并解析实现未来可持续发展的挑战与对策。该学术讲座将以面对面交流的形式展开,由邀请人张珊珊全程主持。欢迎全校师生参与!

Seminar Brief

Prof. Simon Taylor from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School is invited to give a seminar about International Energy Policy and Sustainable Development on March 20th2019 16.00 at the SHEL Room 208. The seminar aims to explore and analyse the challenges and tactics towards the shaping of a sustainable future by discussing the cutting-edge energy and climate change issues. The seminar will be given as an interview and will be hosted by Assistant Prof. Shanshan Zhang. Welcome!




About Invited Speaker

Prof. Simon’s main research fields are the economics and financing of energy infrastructure, the methods of valuation and investment impact of equity research analysts.

Simon was the first Director of the School's Master of Finance programme (from 2006 to 2018), and was Deputy Director of Executive Education at Cambridge Judge (from October 2014 till September 2016).Simon spent nine years as an equity analyst at a number of investment banks, including BZW, JPMorgan and Citigroup, where he was involved in several major equity transactions and takeovers and led research teams covering the European and global utilities sectors. In 2001 he became Deputy Head of European Equity Research at JPMorgan where he had management responsibility for the technical and quantitative research teams and for the technology, media and telecoms sectors. He was a leading member of the team that set up JPMorgan's global research centre in Mumbai, India in 2003. He has been a consultant to a number of hedge funds and the London Stock Exchange and has regularly taught on the JPMorgan European equities training programme.